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Please review the vast number of products available from our divisions

Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical Division - Caribbean Area

Eagle Group - Material Handling Division
Manufacturers of Material Handling, Healthcare & Cleanroom Equipment
Visit website: http://www.eaglegrp.com
SIC - Specialties Industries of Canada
Manufacturers Pass-through chambers, Workstations, Gowning Benches, Tables, Laminar Flow, Fume Hoods, Wet Benches, Carts & Accesories
Visit website: http://www.sic-cleanroom.com
Bandy Incorporated
Manufacturers of Laboratory Equipment, Steel and Stainless Steel Cabinets
Visit website: http://www.bandyco.com/
Onsite Gas Systems
Designs and Manufactures Oxygen / Nitrogen PSA and Membrane Gas Generations Systems
Visit website: http://www.onsitegas.com/
Static Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturers of ESD Safe Products for Static Control, Cleanroom & Maintenance
Visit website: http://www.staticsolutions.com/
Production Basics
Manufacturers of Low Cost Work Stations, Implementation of Innovative Workspace Solutions
Visit website: http://www.pbasics.com
Manufactures Ergonomic Workstations, Workbenches, and Material Handling Equipment
Visit website: http://www.1proline.com/
IAC Industries
Workstations, Workbenches, Production Furniture, Horizontal Flow Workstation Carts & Racks , LAN Stations, Vertical Flow Workstations, Modular Flow Station Packaging Stations & Material Handling
 Visit website: http://www.iacindustries.com
Biofit Engineered Products
Manufacturers of anufacturer of Ergonomics, Chairs & Tables for Clean Rooms, Offices, Health Areas, Production Areas
Visit website: http://www.biofit.com
I & J Fisnar Dispensing Corporation
Manufacturers of Disposing and UV Equipment
Visit website: http://www.ijfisnar.com

PCB Fabrication & Metal Finish Division - Carribean Area

Micronics, Inc.
Sludge Filter Press Manufacturers, Replacement Filter Cloth for solid filtration and filtration plates.
Visit website: http://www.micronicsinc.com
Tilton Rack and Basket Co.
Manufacturer’s of Plating Tanks & Plating Lines, Plating Racks & Racks Refurbishing Services, Anode Baskets & Anode Hooks
Visit website: http://www.tiltonrackandbasket.com
Automate Tech, Inc.
Waste Treatment, Pollution & Plating Equipment - Hoist Equipment , Evaporators, Etc.
Visit website: http://www.automatetech.com
Process Technology
Manufacturer’s of Electrical, Teflon Heaters, Temperature Controls and Heat Exchangers
Visit website: http://www.process-technology.com
Sierra Polymer Co.
Polymer Riser Plates, Tras Check, Transview, Trans Test, Conductive Vacuum Hoses for Routers and Drilling machines
Visit website: http://www.sierrapolymer.com/
Met-Pro Incorporated
Manufacturers of Megiaf Filters , Sethco Pumps and Dull Corrosion Resistant Pollution Control and Ventilation Systems
Visit website: http://www.met-pro.com/
Leica Microsystems
Leader in the field of Inspection Instrumentation & Imaging Technology

Visit website: http://www.leica.com/
NET Global Corporation
Leading Producer of non–Ferrous Metals Anodes and Metallic Salts for the Electronic Industry - Mfrs of Copper, Nickel, Tin, Chrome, Tin/Lead Anodes
 Visit website: http://netglobalboston.com
HBS Equipment Corporation
Manufacturer’s of DC Power Supplies, Tanks, Agitators, Meters, Pumps, Filters, Specialize Anodes, And Modular Plating Systems
Visit website: http://www.hbsequipment.com
Superfine Company, Inc.
Polyester & Synthetic Media & Process. Tumbling and Vibratory Finishing Bowl Systems, Roller Barrels, Shot Blaster
Visit website: http://www.superfineco.com
Quality Tech Tool
Solid Carbide and HSS High performance Cutting Tools - Mfgs thousands of products under 10 categories, Also designing and manufacturing custom tools with special tooling needs
 Visit website: http://www.qualitytechtool.com
Serfilco, LTD
Manufacturer of Pumps , Filters and related handling Equipment

Visit website: http://www.serfilco.com
Rapid Power Corporation
Manufacturer of Rectifiers and Power Supplies for the Electroplating Industry
Visit website: http://www.dynapower.com

PCB Assembly Division - Equipment & Supplies

Technical Resources Corporation
Specializing in Manufacturing, Inspection, and Synergistic products for the PCB Assembly Industry
Visit website: http://www.trcflorida.com/
DEK International
Screen Printers, Process Optimization Tools
Visit website: http://www.dek.com/
R & D Technical Services
Vapor Phase Rework and Reflow
Visit website: http://www.rdtechnicalservices.com/
Universal Instruments
Modular SMT Placement Machines, Custom Process and Odd-Form, Thru-Hole Insertion, Remanufactured (Broome Div.), Advanced Process Lab Services
Visit website: http://www.uic.com// <
RPS Automation
Selective Soldering Machines
Visit website: http://www.rpsautomation.com/
Koh Young Technology
AOI and 3D Solder Inspections Machines, Machine Vision, Intelligent System Software and Precision Mechatronics Technologies
Visit website: http://www.kohyoung.com/
Vision Master
Low-Cost 3D Benchtop Solder Paste Inspection
Visit website: http://www.visionmasterinc.com/
Mentor Graphics
Valor MSS Manufacturing, Assembly and Test Software Modules
Visit website: http://www.mentor.com/pcb-manufacturing-assembly/
KIC - Innovation That Works
Thermal Process Profiling, Continuous Monitoring and Traceability

Visit website: http://kicthermal.com/
Inventory Management and Material Handling Solutions (MSD, SMT, PTH)
Visit website: http://www.inovaxe.com/
Tropical Stencil
Laser Cut Stencils, SMT, BGA and Rework
Visit website: http://kicthermal.com/
Pentagon EMS
Wave Solder Pallets, SMT Process Carriers, Conformal Coat Fixtures, Press Fit Tooling, Precision Machining Capabilities
Visit website: http://www.pentagon-ems.com/
Quantum Storage Systems
ESD Bins, Totes & Storage Systems
Visit website: http://www.quantumstorage.com

Orbis Menasha Corporation
Reusable packaging solutions
Visit website: http://www.orbis.com/
Static Solutions, Inc.
Manufacturers of ESD Safe Products for Static Control, Cleanroom & Maintenance
Visit website: http://www.staticsolutions.com/
Starboard Technology of America
Manufacturing / Production Tools & Supplies for Electronic Assembly. Chemtronics – Solvents & Chemicals – ASG Systems - Aven, Excelta , Erem, Cresent, Lindstrom Tools

Visit website: http://www.starboardtech.com/
AIMCO Global
Manufacturer of Total Assembly Solutions & Power Tools

Visit website: http://www.aimco-global.com
Bio-fit Engineered Products
Manufacturer of comfortable, Ergonomic & Modular / Clean room – Educational & Office Chairs, Fold Tables. All types of stools and Office Supplies
Visit website: http://www.biofit.com
3M - Static Control Components
Largest USA, ESD Bags & Moisture Barrier Bags manufacturer. Dri - Shield System – 033, Floor and Table Mats
 Visit website: http://www.scc-inc.com
Lead Cut forming & BGA Re- Balling Equipment
Visit website: http://www.hepcoblue.com
Specnor Tecnic Inc.
Electrovert Wave Solder and Reflow Spare Parts Specialists. Also manufactures Lead Free Solder Pot Retrofit Kits for all Wave Solder Models.
Visit website: http://www.specnor.com
EVS International
New Range of Solder Recovery Systems
Visit website: http://www.solderrecovery.com
International Process and Equipment Supply is always searching for new products and processes that will enhance your opportunities for greater profit. We attempt to be the eyes and ears of our customers and the preceding companies which we represent is one method you can use to avail yourself of the latest in technology.